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As your Newborn Care Specialist, Beata is here to offer her expertise with compassion, ensuring your baby's smooth transition into the world.

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A close-up of a baby being lovingly fed by bottle in the secure hold a Newborn Care Specialist in Tampa, Florida

What does a Newborn Care Specialist do?

Newborn Care Specialists are dedicated professionals equipped with the knowledge and skills to support new parents in caring for their newborns. Support ranges from establishing feeding schedules to teaching soothing techniques, implementing sleep routines, and supporting bathing and diapering.

As your Newborn Care Specialist, Beata provides invaluable assistance tailored to meet the unique needs your family. With her expertise and compassionate approach, she offers reassurance and guidance during the early weeks and months of parenthood, helping families navigate the joys and challenges of welcoming a new addition. Beata is currently one of two Premier Certified Newborn Care Specialist (CNCS) in the US, a rigorous training requiring 60 hours of continuous education and 6000 verifiable hours care for newborns.

Benefits of a Newborn Care Specialist

  • Peace of Mind: Assurance that your baby is in skilled hands.
  • Better Sleep: Assistance with establishing effective sleep routines for the baby.
  • Expert Newborn Care: Professional knowledge in feeding, sleep training, and infant health.
  • Parental Support: Guidance and emotional support for new parents.
  • Up-to-Date Resources: Access to the latest information and best practices in infant care.

How is a Newborn Care Specialist different from a Babysitter or Nanny?

Unlike a babysitter or nanny, a Newborn Care Specialist focuses solely on the needs of newborns and their parents during the early postpartum period. They specialize in newborn care, feeding, sleep training, and provide support and guidance to new parents as they adjust to their new roles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? Here are some common questions! If you have more questions, please feel free to reach out any time!

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  • Are Newborn Care Specialists available for overnight care?

    Yes, most specialists offer overnight care to help parents get much-needed rest while ensuring their baby’s needs are met. With Beata, she is available for overnight care to help your baby establish healthy sleep routines! She has a proven track record of getting babies sleeping through the night from the early months using gentle techniques.

  • How long do Newborn Care Specialists typically work with families?

    The duration of services varies depending on the needs of the family, typically ranging from a few weeks to a few months. Beata has worked with famlies from anywhere as short as a 2-hour sitdown consultation up to several months of 24/7 newborn care.

  • What qualifications do Newborn Care Specialists have?

    Newborn Care Specialists typically have certifications in newborn care, lactation consulting, First Aid & CPR, along with experience in caring for newborns. Beata holds certifications in sleep training, baby massage, lactation support, postpartum doula services including emotional support, and more along with over two decades of hands-on experience with newborns.

  • What services do Newborn Care Specialists provide?

    Newborn Care Specialists offer guidance on newborn care, feeding, establishing sleep routines, provide emotional support, assist with household tasks, and educate parents on baby care techniques during the postpartum period. Beata also specializes in Baby Massage, Sleep Training, and Feng Shui Nursery Setup.