About Your Tampa Postpartum Doula

Beata, a Tampa Postpartum Doula smiles at the camera in a white blazer. Behind her is a large poster featuring a sleeping newborn with a white headband. The atmosphere is warm and professional, likely at a health or maternity expo in Tampa Bay.

Beata Pryszcz

Beata is dedicated to empowering new parents through compassionate, evidence-based care, tailored to the unique experiences and needs of each family she serves.

As a DONA Certified Advanced Postpartum Doula, Beata specializes in newborn care, feeding, sleep training, and baby massage. She offers comprehensive postpartum support for the whole family, focusing on creating a nurturing environment that fosters growth, bonding, and well-being for both newborns and new parents. Her evidence-based approach ensures that each family receives personalized, scientifically-backed support tailored to their unique needs.

Experience Matters as a Postpartum Doula

With over 400 families served across a two-decade span coupled with over 1000 hours of continuing education, Beata's experience as a postpartum doula and newborn care specialist is unparalleled.

Words from Our Families

Here's what some of our loving familes have to say about working with Beata, the heart and soul behind Sleeping Little Angels.

  • Beata is wonderful

    My wife and I were so lucky to have her help us with our adopted newborn this past January. As first time parents who had little time to prepare and were ourselves away from home to complete the adoption, Beata proved to be a Godsend. She is wise, patient, down to earth, kind, unflappable, unintrusive, reassuring and has a perpetual twinkle in her eye. We could not have imagined a better person to help us at such a tender time for us and our newborn adopted daughter. We will be forever grateful.


  • She made the postpartum experience truly amazing

    I cannot say enough about Beata. She became a member of our family. Our son absolutely loved her and she made the postpartum experience truly amazing. She not only helps with the night feedings but she was a wonderful reference and support on newborn care from how to bathe a newborn to how to take care of myself. It was the BEST money spent so far. We miss her still and keep in touch!

    Alexis Carra

  • She did a wonderful job

    Beata’s experience and knowledge are first rate. It is a very special art to deal with three babies. One of her most admirable characteristics is she is always upbeat and happy. We had nine nannies before Beata. She did a wonderful job.

    Bob Brigham

  • Beata has truly become an extension of our family

    We could not have gotten through this period of time without her guidance, care and help. Beata's extensive knowledge, education, background and experience with multiples speaks for itself. She helped us through breast feeding and sleep training. Beata is loving, warm and caring. We have never met someone who genuinely loves working with infants nor understands what the newborn's parents are going through more than Beata.

    Jason and Christine Funke

  • We miss her tremendously

    Being first time parents, and particularly knowing that our son may need extra attention, it was a great comfort having Beata’s knowledge and assistance by our side. Her love for children is so evident in the way that she pays attention to them and cares for them, and it made me feel extremely comfortable leaving my son under her supervision because I truly believed he was in the best hands. In addition to all of the physical help that Beata provided, she provided a level of emotional support that I will be forever grateful for as well.

    Christine + Joe Damico

  • She regularly exceeded our expectations

    Beata worked as a night nurse in our home after the birth of our second daughter. While caring for our newborn Beata also supported my c-section recovery as well as assisted with feeding and pumping support. We were so impressed by Beata's performance during her time with us that we extended the duration of our initial contract. My husband and I felt completely comfortable welcoming her in to our home and even looked forward to her arrival each night.

    Bailey Wise

  • It is difficult to put into words just how incredible Beata is

    As a new parent, sharing the care of this tiny, delicate life you just created with a stranger is daunting – scary even. But when Beata started the night we got home from the hospital; those fears melted away so quickly. Her decades of experience and extensive training, but also her deep love for babies, was evident from day one. It provided us comfort knowing that our tiny son was in the best of care while we actually turned off the monitor and truly slept.

    Sara + Alex Kessel

  • I can recommend her with enthusiasm to any parent

    Her advice was always on point and I regret not asking for it more and earlier. From swaddling to burping to calming a fussy infant, I watched and learned. It was not long before we could see that our babies felt total comfort with Beata. They recognized and responded to her voice when she came in to relieve two very tired new parents. It was clear that we had in Beata someone who truly, genuinely cared for our babies.

    Noah Gallagher

  • I cannot recommend her highly enough

    I've spoken to mothers who resist the idea of hiring a baby nurse. If they spent an hour with Beata, they would all change their minds. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Not only has she taken phenomenal care of our baby girl, she has also been a coach to me, a first-time mother. Beata has tricks, tips and advice - and the Midas touch. Beata is a terrific sleep trainer. She was able to soothe our baby in record time, and has a true gift with young ones.

    Nori and Teddy Greenstein

  • Beata has been great asset to us

    Since we had worked with Beata a few years earlier we did not have any hesitation working with Beata again. Beata has been great asset to us. Two sets of twins have been very difficult but Beata has been very helpful. Since the day we arrived home with Brigid and Teagan Beata has taken charge and helped us with the transition. We have no hesitation recommending Beata to another family.

    John May