Personalized Postpartum Care with Beata

With over two decades of education and hands-on experience, Beata offers a wide range of services from Postpartum Doula Services to Sleep Training, she is ready to support any new family in Tampa, Florida and beyond.
A new mom and Postpartum Doula engaging in a gentle and supportive handhold, one with a blue-striped sleeve, against a soft-focused white background.

Postpartum Doula

Hands-on support for new families, offering guidance on infant care and emotional support for new parents during the early postpartum period.
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A close-up of a baby being lovingly fed by bottle in the secure hold a Newborn Care Specialist in Tampa, Florida

Newborn Care Specialist

Establish early routines with your new baby with a focus on feeding, sleep routines, and soothing techniques to nurture your baby's growth and ensure a smooth transition home.
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A hands-on demonstration of infant care during a Newborn Care Consultation with Beata.

Newborn Care Consultation

Learn from a trained expert on all things baby care with personalized guidance on feeding, sleeping routines, baby massage, and coping strategies to ensure infant health and a strong parent-child bond.
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An infant's small foot cradled in an parents hands being massaged to increase parent-baby bonding.

Baby Massage

Promote relaxation, better sleep, improved muscle development and circulation, boosted immunity, digestion discomfort and enhanced emotional bonding through baby massage.
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A serene sleeping Tampa Bay baby, epitomizing tranquility and innocence

Sleep Training

Establish healthy sleep habits through gentle and effective techniques, guiding families through the process of improving sleep routines and ensuring restful nights for everyone.
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