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Baby massage fosters relaxation, parent-child bonding, and relief from common newborn discomforts. Beata can come give your baby a massage or teach caregivers how to do baby massage.

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An infant's small foot cradled in an parents hands being massaged to increase parent-baby bonding.

What is a Baby Massage?

Baby massage is a gentle, nurturing practice where parents or caregivers use soothing, rhythmic touches on their baby's body.

This ancient tradition is recognized for its numerous benefits for infants, including promoting relaxation and sleep, alleviating discomfort from gas and colic, strengthening the emotional bonding between parent and child, improving weight gain and growth in premature babies, boosting muscle development and circulation, and supporting the overall well-being of the baby.

Baby massage is often recommended as a beneficial activity to incorporate into the daily routine, helping to foster a sense of security and attachment while also aiding in the baby’s developmental milestones.

Benefits of a Baby Massage

  • Aids Digestion: Helps relieve issues such as gas, colic, and constipation by stimulating the baby’s digestive system.
  • Enhances Development: Stimulates the baby’s nervous system and brain development, contributing to improved sensory and cognitive awareness.
  • Improves Circulation: Boosts blood and lymphatic circulation, enhancing the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the baby’s tissues.
  • Improves Sleep: Can help regulate the baby’s sleep patterns, leading to longer and more restful sleep for the whole family.
  • Promotes Bonding: Enhances emotional connection between the parent and the baby through physical touch, fostering a sense of security and attachment.

When is the best time to begin baby massage and how often should I do it?

You can start baby massage as early as a few weeks after birth when baby’s umbilical cord stump has fallen off and the navel has healed completely. A daily massage is ideal, but even two or three times a week is beneficial.

Choose a calm time for your baby, such as after a bath and before bedtime, and adjust the frequency based on your baby’s enjoyment and response. Beata can provide baby massage as a part of her routine Newborn Care Support, Sleep Training, or she can teach parents how to do it during a Newborn Care Consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can baby massage help with gas and colic?

    Yes, specific massage techniques can help relieve gas and colic symptoms by aiding digestion and releasing trapped gas.

  • Can baby massage improve sleep?

    Yes, massaging your baby can promote relaxation and improve sleep patterns, making it easier for them to fall asleep and stay asleep longer establishing healthy sleep routines.

  • How do I learn baby massage techniques?

    Beata can teach you all about baby massage during a Newborn Consultation or while she’s working as your Postpartum Doula. Online tutorials and books can also be helpful, but make sure they’re from reputable sources.

  • How long should a baby massage last?

    A massage can last anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes, depending on your baby’s mood and tolerance.

  • How often should I massage my baby?

    Daily massages are great, but two to three times a week can also be beneficial. Adjust frequency based on your baby’s response and needs.

  • Is baby massage safe for all babies?

    Most babies can safely enjoy massage, but it’s best to avoid it immediately after feeding or if the baby has certain medical conditions. Consult your healthcare provider if unsure.

  • What if my baby doesn’t seem to like being massaged?

    Some babies take time to get used to massage. Start with short sessions, just a few minutes at a time, and gradually increase as your baby becomes more comfortable. Pay attention to their cues and take breaks as needed.

  • What is the best time of day for baby massage?

    After a bath and before bedtime can work well for establishing a bedtime routine, however massage can be used any time your baby is calm and alert.

  • When can I start massaging my baby?

    You can start once the baby’s umbilical cord stump falls off and the navel heals, typically a few weeks after birth.