A neatly made bed with crisp white linens offers a serene and inviting space for Postpartum Recovery in Tampa, Florida.
A new Tampa Bay mother watches over her sleeping baby with a tender, protective touch
An infant receiving a gentle back massage from a Postpartum Doula's hands, lying comfortably on a white blanket, highlighting the importance of touch in baby's growth and relaxation.
A close-up of a baby being lovingly fed by bottle in the secure hold a Newborn Care Specialist in Tampa, Florida
A newborn baby holding onto an to her Newborn Care Specialists fingers with a gentle grip

Enjoy those early days to the fullest without stressing over the details

During the first days of Motherhood, having a helping hand is crucial to starting your parenthood journey off strong.  At Beata’s Home Retreat, you will be welcomed into a nurturing space where you can heal and bond with your baby with an experienced Postpartum Doula, lactation consultant, and Newborn Care Specialist at your side. 

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The Retreat You Deserve

At Beata's Home Retreat, we offer 24/7 care to ensure that you always have access to the support you deserve, day or night.

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Begin Your Postpartum Journey on the Right Foot

Choose a path of healing and growth as you lean into your new role as a mother strength and confidence with experienced support at your side.

    24 / 7 Care

    The transition into motherhood is life changing, and you deserve to have support at every hour as you adjust. At Beata's Home Retreat, we offer 24/7 care to ensure that you always have access to the assistance and reassurance you need, day or night. 

    An infant with bright, attentive eyes lies cradled in the lap of a caregiver, looking up with a look of trust and wonder, set against a soft, white bedspread background.

    Lactation Support

    Breastfeeding may be natural but it doesn't always come naturally.  Beata's experience as a Lactation Consultant will support you through any hurdles that come up during your stay as you bond with your baby and set a foundation for your breastfeeding journey. 

    A close-up of a Tampa baby breastfeeding after a lactation consultant, cradled in the arms of their mother, capturing a moment of maternal bonding and nourishment.

    Rest & Recovery

    Your body has accomplished an incredible feat, and now it's time to rest and recover. Beata's Home Retreat provides a sanctuary where you can focus on healing, honoring your body’s hard work with the support of professional postpartum care.

    A mother and her baby share a peaceful nap, embodying a serene bonding moment.

    Nutritious Meals

    While trying to heal after birth and bond with your baby, the last thing you want to think about is what you're going to cook for dinner. At Beata's Home Retreat, meals are provided 3 times daily, ensuring you are well nourished with energy to care for your new baby. 

A Postpartum experience like no other, book your stay today.

Beata’s Home Retreat is more than just a place to stay after having your baby, it's hands-on support backed real experience, earned by supporting over 400 families in the early postpartum days.

  • 24 / 7 Care for Mom and Baby
  • 3 Meals a Day
  • Breastfeeding Support
  • Baby Care Education
  • Recovery Support
  • 72 Hours Stay
    $1000per 24 hours
  • 120 Hours Stay
    $950per 24 hours
  • 168 Hours Stay
    $900per 24 hours